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The Internet has changed everything. A revolution without precedent has brought forth the Digital Age, where all corners of the globe are accessible in an instant, summoned by the command of your fingertips. The impact is seismic, and its effect cannot be measured. That we are now able to redefine our lives through this medium allows for innovative thinking and advanced communication across a powerful and uncharted frontier.

Art is an act of creation, the love child of passion and imagination, and the results are revered as a testament to our spiritual nature. But the artist, being human, needs to eat, and to sell these objects changes a personal act into a commercial experience. Given the respect we pay to the artist, it is not surprising that the prices reflect this. The average art lover usually cannot afford to purchase original pieces, so we try to find a way to make due, purchasing books, posters, postcards, t-shirts, mugs—whatever is available in a derivative form.

But the Internet has changed all this. By knocking down the gallery walls, the Internet allows for possibilities few have ever considered: affordable art available twenty-four hours a day in any time zone around the world.

Edition One Hundred was born of this new era, with a mission to restore the economic power to the artists and the collectors themselves, while giving a percentage of all sales to charitable causes greater than ourselves. Edition One Hundred makes the collection of art a call to action, an act of commercial integrity, and, most simply put, a pure joy

Edition One Hundred is pleased to announce our partnership with A and I Photographic and Digital Services Lab in Los Angeles, California for all of our photographic needs. Learn more about them here.


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Edition One Hundred is curated, limited edition art available in editions of 100, priced at $100.00. Prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artists in a size and/or print exclusive to Edition One Hundred. More here.
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