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Cat jimenez

Cat Jimenez founded Edition One Hundred to provide beautifully packaged and produced art and photography at prices within reach. Operating on the Internet, Edition One Hundred is a gallery without walls, open twenty-four hours a day in any time zone around the globe.

Edition One Hundred launched on June 30, 2010, with I LOVE LA, a month-long exhibition curated by founder Cat Jimenez celebrating the influence of the Los Angeles art scene on its denizens, and its impact around the globe. Fusing high and low, young and old, independent and commercial cultures, I LOVE LA features local artists, from the famous to the unknown including B+, Augustine Kofie, Miles Regis, and Katie Shapiro, among others. Ms. Jimenez brings them together to reveal the power of their imagination as it is made manifest for the pleasure of art collecting.

Each artist's work is printed in an exclusive edition of 100. With rare exceptions, each print sells for $100 and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All prints are made exclusively on Mohawk papers unless otherwise indicated.

Edition One Hundred will contribute 10% from the sale of every print to the charity or cause of each artist's choosing. Ms. Jimenez explains, “I'm drawn to purposeful work and always have been since I started working for non-profits. I like causes. I like being of service. Whether it's working in an affirmative action office, encouraging young people to become more civic minded, recruiting teachers for California public schools or championing photography, I have to feel purposeful. Edition One Hundred is an extension of that need to advocate on behalf of individuals, and their art and photography.”

Ms. Jimenez is currently the Executive Director of the Lucie Foundation, a position she has held since 2005. The Lucie Foundation's mission is three tiered: to honor master photographers; to discover and cultivate emerging talent; and to promote the appreciation of photography through various programs, which Jimenez has spearheaded during her tenure.

“If the Lucies are the Oscars of the photography world, then Cat Jimenez is its Cecil B. DeMille. Not only does she have an eye for talent, she celebrates it, too. For her hard work and dedication to the craft, she deserves a statue of her own,” says Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar.

The Lucie Foundation is best known for hosting the annual Lucie Awards and the International Photography Awards, held simultaneously at Lincoln Center in October. Miss Jimenez observes, “The Lucies brings the photography community together to celebrate the achievements of its greatest practitioners and the medium itself. It's our chance to say thank you to these master photographers, to acknowledge those who are doing, and continuing to uplift photography through their work (editors, publishers), and to acknowledge those photographers who participate in the International Photography Awards.”

Lucie Award recipient Neil Leifer observes, “Cat has been a delight from the first time she called. I got involved with the Lucie Awards pretty close to the beginning and I was very impressed with the list of recipients—they were absolutely the best. The show is such a nicely produced evening. The passion that goes into this one night is incredible to see. Cat wears about ten hats and she's responsible for making the whole thing a very positive experience.”

In 2009 Ms. Jimenez and Lucie Foundation founder Hossein Farmani co-founded the Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), an annual month-long celebration of the still image on the left coast. MOPLA's mission is to create a comprehensive, citywide, collaborative effort that brings together media partners, galleries, institutions and museums in celebration of the photographic form. From outdoor building projections, artist talks and lectures, to exhibitions and screenings, MOPLA provides a platform for the enthusiast, the emerging photographers, the seasoned and master shooters.

Miss Jimenez has also been working on her own photography project, The Flip Book Project, a collection of 250 portraits of Filipino Americans taken since 2002. Ms. Jimenez observes, “The Flip Book Project is a passion project for me that was born as a result of not seeing Filipino Americans in the media. I am a first generation Filipino American, and growing up in the Bay Area and then living in Southern California and experiencing these dense populations, I didn't understand why what I was seeing on television wasn't what I was seeing in my daily life. This project is about celebrating our identity, being proud of our contributions, and preserving stories.”

Gloria Galang, Creative Director of the Flip Book Project, observes, “Cat Jimenez is one of those rare breeds in the creative world—an accomplished photographer in her own right who is able to combine her inherent sense of creativity with a natural drive to action. Cat's never been one to sit on the sidelines, waiting for things to happen. If she has an idea, inspiration, or goal, you can trust that she will find a way to bring it or all of them to life.

“What I love most about Cat's initial idea to create The Flip Book Project is that it began simply with Cat and her camera, tirelessly posting up white backgrounds in the middle of various outdoor festivals, asking Filipino Americans to simply have their photographs taken by basically a complete stranger—all this before Cat herself even knew what the photographs were going to blossom into. Yet even within these somewhat detached situations, Cat's been able to bring out so much beauty and truth in the people she's photographed, making them feel at ease enough to trust her with their emotions to just simply be who they are, in front of the camera. It's all of these simplicities on a larger scale that has truly made The Flip Book Project and much of Cat's work in general exude a deep sense of integrity that you just can't manufacture.”

As a photographer, producer, and director, Ms. Jimenez understands all aspects of creating and promoting art, giving her a unique vantage point from which to launch a new business. As Ms. Jimenez notes, “I like all the moving parts that lock in and fit and produce a desired effect. I like collaboration. I like organizing. Edition One Hundred is my chance to do all the things that I love: advocate, uplift, and help others.”


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Edition One Hundred is curated, limited edition art available in editions of 100, priced at $100.00. Prints are hand-signed and numbered by the artists in a size and/or print exclusive to Edition One Hundred. More here.
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