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Curated by Kana Manglapus of Kana Manglapus Projects and Cat Jimenez

An Interview with Kana Manglapus:

Please talk about the notion of Simple Truths. What do those words mean to you?
Simple Truths means pure Truths like basic and pure emotions. Simple Truths can show us places in nature or other countries. Simple Truths make us smile, make life meaningful, and give us purpose.

How do the artists you've selected illustrate these ideas?
Gabrielle Revere shows the sincerity of friendship, Kwaku Alston shot a a swing set facing the sea, Adam Secore photographed surfers on the break on a perfect summer day, Lyndie Benson shows us a rock in India with a sincere and truthful message, and Max Chow captures a beautiful and profound moment. It’s all very simple, very pure, real.

Why are you so passionate about art and design? 
I think it makes life better, more enjoyable, more free. Life is complicated, art helps to explain it, and thus un-complicating it.

Do you collect art? If yes, who? And. what artist or designer is on your wish list, and why?
Our collection is quite eclectic with drawings by Salvador Dali, Takashi Hiroshige , and Keith Haring. In the past 5 years, I’ve been mainly collecting from the artists I represent -- Andrew Cramer, Chad Attie, Stephen Glassman, Gabrielle Revere, Lyndie Benson, Ann Pamintuan, Peter Tunney, and Kwaku Alston. Recently in Miami for Art Basel, we bought a small print by Olaf Breuning. There are so many artists whose work I love and would love to own…too many to name but to name a few…Elizabeth Peyton, Cecily Brown, Francesco Clemente, Yoshitomo Nara, Reymond Pettibon, Mark Grotjan, and Slater Bradley. Of course, the list could go on to the greats that are no longer with us but for that I could visit the museums which I love to do…Picasso, Monet, Frida Kahlo, Mark Rothko, Warhol, Basquiat, and so many many more. We are blessed that art is such an integral part of life, and there are so many beautiful places to enjoy it from galleries to museums to public parks.

As an artist representative, how do you decide who to represent? 
I think like in most Truths I do, it’s just a feeling. I’m very intuitive so I go from there. I have to have a connection with the artist and their work. I’ve been very fortunate to work with artists that I truly feel passionate about, whose work moves me, whose work I find natural to sell.

About Kana Manglapus:

Prior to re-locating to Los Angeles from New York in 2006, Kana was the director of Milk Gallery, an arts and events space representing emerging talent in Downtown Manhattan. Also while in NYC, she conceptualized Section Urbaine, a lifestyle retail concept that fused the worlds of fashion, art and design.

In 2006 Kana opened Bahay Home, an interior design gallery in Culver City, where she furthered her relationships with artists both in Los Angeles and New York. Kana's business savvy and keen eye has always drawn artists to her. In 2009, she began representing fine artists for gallery exhibitions and private sales in Los Angeles, New York, and Internationally.

In January 2011, Kana opened Kana Manglapus Projects at 1346 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California.

Kana lives in Venice with her husband and two children.

Cat Jimenez (L) and Kana Manglapus (R).




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