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Maximillian Chow


Maximillian Chow is the world's most accomplished procrastinator. The
son of Michael and Tina Chow, people more interesting and charismatic
than himself, Maximllian relies on the world around him to provide the
energy and beauty in his photography which he lacks. Anything
interesting and worthwhile in his work should not be attributed to him
but instead to the things he stumbles upon and the fantastic equipment
he has been fortunate enough to pay too much for.

Raised in London, New York and Los Angeles Maximillian had the
incredible good fortune to be surrounded in his formative years by
luminaries in the Art world. Too bad nothing worhtwhile rubbed off.
Humourless, talentle
ss, boring, and lazy one shouldn't call him a
Photographer or an Artist, a Writer or a Chef because it would go
straight to his already gargantuanly inflated head. Just call him
Maximillian, hope he doesn't respond, and never approach him with
something interesting to say.


Which work will you be exhibiting?
Animal Attraction

What's the story behind this image?
Animal Attraction is a primal, basic quality, which cannot be quantified, proved or measured in any scientific manner yet we all believe it exists. And although our primary response to the phrase makes us think of sexual allure I believe it has less to do with sex and much more to do with raw natural charisma. It is in that sense that Animal Attraction can
be misconstrued as simple flirtation, when it could and mostly like is about a countless number of other things.

"Animal Attraction" is a subjective thing, personal and different for each viewer. Initial curiosity, lethargy, scorn, longing, past regrets, contentment...all of these could be just as true as next. Animal Attraction is about a brief moment in time, a simple truth that, as always, is not so simple at all.

What is your charity or cause? Why did you select this? Where does community work fit in with your ethos as an artist?
My charity is AIDS project los angeles, and I chose it because my mother died due to complication associated with the virus. Art is about connection, but it's something completely subjective and personal, to the viewer and the Artist. I believe the more personal the work the more communal it's potential. I always keep in mind that his medium is meant to be seen and experienced, and then do my best to forget it. As a photographer I take from the world around me, grabbing moments and manipulating them into my own images. it's only fair I give a little back.

Edition One Hundred is founded with the idea of providing artists the opportunity to transform new technology into a tool to both produce affordable art while simultaneously connecting to non-traditional art collectors. What are your thoughts on Edition One Hundred?
I have my reservations about art as a business and the mass production line that modern culture seems to be demanding for more and more of everyday. Just so you know while I was typing that I ordered take out, a new pair of jeans, custom Nikes, and won an antique snow globe of Tokyo on ebay. I am in the Machine and Edition One Hundred seems to be the perfectly natural next step in the evolution of art and connectivity.

How do you see this as a platform to reach a broader audience for your work?
The internet is a hell of a Drug.

What are your thoughts on Art in the Digital Age?
Must say I have mixed feeling about Art in the Digital Age, because in one sense there is a great ability to see more and experience more, but at the same time over saturation of information and ease of technique can keep some wondrous things from ever being noticed. However,  we are in this age and must embrace or fall by the way side.

So I'm casually hanging on...as tight as I can.

As an artist, regularly producing work is a manifestation of your distinctive view. Also it has a lot to do with influence by the work of others. Do you collect art? If so, who do you collect? And if you had all the money in the world, who would you buy and why?
What a ridiculously good question. I learned to collect from my father, not just Art, but people, food, stories...etc. I grew up in New York City in the 80's and was lucky enough, through my parents, to be surrounded by giants in the fields of Painting, Photography, Film and Music. Therefore I have a great affinity for the artists from that time and have works from Haring, Warhol, Basquiat, Schnabel. I feel most influenced in my photography by Helmut Newton, David Bailey, and Bill Brant. If all art was free I would grab more Schnabel and Basquiat, pick up a Pollock or two and get every Goya, William Turner, and Richter I could get my paws on.  Oh and Caravagio...love that dude. I would stay away from Van Gogh and Da Vinci because I want people to think I'm cool without seeming like a pretentious prick...too late?

Why should people buy art?
There is no good reason for people to buy art.



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