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Lelah Foster

Which work will you be exhibiting? What's the story behind this image?
The photograph that I am exhibiting is titled "In Darkness There is Light"   It was a hot summer night in Miami, I sat on a balcony entranced with the randomness and beauty of an electrical storm that began over the Atlantic.  I decided the best way for me to express my appreciation of this reminder of the delicate balance between light and dark would be to capture and share the natural gift before me.  

Edition One Hundred is founded with the idea of providing artists the opportunity to transform new technology into a tool to both produce affordable art while simultaneously connecting to non-traditional art collectors. What are your thoughts on Edition One Hundred?

Edition One Hundred is a wonderful way to break down the barriers for people who might feel that traditional galleries are too stuffy or fancy or inaccessible to them for one reason or another.  EOH is also fantastic for artists, the act of creating art is innately quite solitary, we now have an opportunity to share our work in a much broader world wide communal space.  I also feel that art and philanthropy make fantastic bedfellows! 

What are your thoughts on Art in the Digital Age?
The digital age is both a blessing and a curse.

As an artist, regularly producing work is a manifestation of your distinctive view. Also it has a lot to do with influence by the work of others. Do you collect art? If so, who do you collect? And if you had all the money in the world, who would you buy and why?

I do collect art that inspires me, everything from obscure art that I have found in thrift stores, local art I have picked up while traveling, to more famous works by artists like Julius Schulman and Nick Brandt.  If I had all the money in the world I would love to buy both the Getty Center and the Guggenheim!   Additionally I would like to own work by Galen Rowell, Arnold Newman, Nigel Perry & Herb Ritts.  I am also a fan of Jill Greenberg, particularly her  "Glass Ceiling" series.

Why should people buy art?

People should buy art that they love and want to share their life and walls with.  I understand art buying as a business, however it makes me melancholy to think of art sitting in a vault somewhere, it's only function being to appreciate in value.  To me, the true value of art is in the life that it may have once it leaves it's maker.  I have heard artists say their work is like their children, we all want our children to succeed and ultimately to be loved.

How can the public learn more about you?



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