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Adam Secore


Adam is best known for his featured work in publications such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Elle, Numero, and Vogue Italia. With his strong fashion, editorial, advertising, and personal work, he brings a new exciting experience to each project. Aside from being a total photography bad-ass, he has never had a cavity in his life.


Which work will you be exhibiting?

Surf is the piece I have in the exhibition for Edition One Hundred.   I shot this photo at county line, a popular surf spot on the border of Malibu and Ventura County. I had the image in my mind and was waiting for the weather to be just right.

What is your charity or cause?
Young Artists for Peace and Justice (YAPJ) is a youth outreach division of Artists for Peace and Justice, founded by Paul Haggis and friends.   This organization has been providing basic healthcare and education in Haiti since 2008, and most recently opened the first free secondary school for the children of the slums. Inspired by their experiences in Haiti before and after the earthquake, Olivia Wilde created YAPJ with friend and fellow APJ enthusiast Barbara Burchfield to mobilize America's Generation Y to be a part of a movement to empower youth throughout the developing world with education.

Why did you select this?

Olivia and Barbara are dear friends. I believe in what they do. I love the concept of artists being for peace and justice.  Generation Y is the up and coming game-changing generation that is all about taking a stand. I want to support my friends in spreading the word to gen Y to support future leaders in the developing world.

Where does community work fit in with your ethos as an artist?

It goes hand in hand.  The more I grow as an artist, I realize how important it is to connect and be an integral part of community and help where I can.

Edition One Hundred is founded with the idea of providing artists the opportunity to transform new technology into a tool to both produce affordable art while simultaneously connecting to non-traditional art collectors. What are your thoughts on Edition One Hundred?

Good art should be accessible to anyone. I would be proud to buy something I love knowing that a portion of my purchase is going to a charity.

What are your thoughts on Art in the Digital Age?

While I feel that its important to stick to certain traditions, the digital age may make some things easier- It also brings a new artistic element to the fine art world.

As an artist, regularly producing work is a manifestation of your distinctive view. Also it has a lot to do with influence by the work of others. Do you collect art?

If so, who do you collect? And if you had all the money in the world, who would you buy and why?

Picasso, Basquiat, Jeff Koons, Andreas Gursky, David Philips

Why should people buy art?

Art is life.  Life is art.  It is moving, inspiring, and beautiful. I am a very visual person and love to be surrounded by beauty at all times.  I think most people feel the same…or they should.


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